Monday, March 14, 2011

After Midnight Before Midday

Photo © 2011 by Ciara O'Halloran. Used by permission.

Last week I stumbled upon some pictures online by Dublin photographer Ciara O'Halloran and was immediately drawn to her imagery. I found several photos from her project After Midnight Before Midday—an ongoing series of 365 rigidly-posed, daily self-portraits that began on January 1, 2011. The images quickly got under my skin; I was mesmerized.

While each photo is certainly interesting on its own—beautifully composed and lighted with both natural light and fill-flash at various times of day and night—it's in the slow accretion of detail and variation as you move from photo to photo that the series really begins work its magic.

The effect is both evocative and moving, and hints at something profound about how our lives unfold over time against our own personal background of places and things.

I am a fan and will be following closely for the rest of the year. Have a look.